Oh hai there(;

7 Nov

So I thought that I’d drop by quickly to leave a post for you guys to read(: I don’t know really what I’m going to write about so it’s probably gonna be like a rant of some sort. I found out that I’m getting the new iPod touch for Christmas so I’m excited because then I can make audio posts on my iPod as well as take pictures to post for you guys. I’m actually quite excited. Also for my birthday I’m going with my good friend to my obsessions concert(: if you don’t know who my obsession is I will tell you, it’s gaga, my mother monster who I love so much(: I can’t wait for Christmas or that concert(: 168DAYS! By then I’ll have my new iPod and I van take pictures for you guys. I also want a professional camera but that won’t happen because everything I’m already getting is expensive plus I can just use the one that my parents have. If you don’t know yet I love taking pictures and like yeah I don’t know I like taking pictures of myself as well as a lot of other things I guess it’s just the way some pictures look that attracts me to taking pictures maybe in my future I’ll be a photographer(: by the way did you guys hear will smiths daughters song? It’s whip my hair so you’ve probably heard it somewhere. But it’s such a pointless song but the video and the idea behind the song is really clever because it’s catchy and it’s not about what any other song is about so it basically attracts to many people for that reason. I can’t tell if this is getting long or not because my screen is actually quite small but I think it is so imma leave it off on one statement. YEAH MAN!


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