Uhh… Yah…

24 Jul


You are probably like why are you bugging me again with a post? But, I’ve decided I havnt done a normal text post in a while so I thought why not? I have to post a couple of things on Aios to soo yah… I don’t really have anything else better to do and I gotta babysit later so yah I might as well post now while I’m at home… First of all, the way I say Luhy is the way that you are supposed to say it 😛 If you havnt listened to any of my audio posts yet, then go do that now because I’m not making them for people not to listen. xD Recently a whole lot of you people have been making audio posts and stuff, and I’m kinda shocked at how you people sound because well… I didnt picture you sounding like that especially Chad and Lissa 😛 Well yah all of you people who don’t know them are probably like why are you talking about em so imma just post some random stuff… I was gonna post about some new food I tried but I kinda forgot…


But, last night my area was under tornado warning xD everyone was freaking out and I was like uh? not that scary… the lighting was really scary though especially the fact I had to walk to my friend’s house in it while passing a lot of trees… If you can picture me running really fast then that’s what it was like xD But whatever, once I got to my friends we just watched the lightning and ate cheesecakee nom nom 😀 If you havnt known yet I love cheesecakee 😀 I’ve noticed that on my audio posts I’ve been sounding different every day and I have no idea why xD So yah Todays song is: Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber! (I hope I have not done this song yet xD)

The effects in this video are pretty epic 😛 The dancing… is awesome… by JB… its interesting xD So yah have a nice day 😀


One Response to “Uhh… Yah…”

  1. Lissa -not logged in- July 24, 2010 at 6:33 PM #

    I like the way I say your name better. xD

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