10 Jul



I have not posted in like 2 days so I thought why not! Recently I’ve been very busy with my new blog, and there recently has been a lack in hits, so I would appreciate if you could check it out if you havnt already! So if you havnt realized yet, Luhy is almost at 300,000 hits! I KNOW AWESOME! I don’t even remember hitting 200,000 hits 😛 woops xD But yah, you’re probably wondering “why is that the title of the post!?” well if you aren’t im gonna tell you anyway! its pouring outside right now! and I’m also listening to Thunder by All Time Low, I think? Can you guess what my favorite thing to do during the summer is?! It’s swimming in the rain and night swimming!!!! I’ve been night swimming like all week 😛 and I was in my pool right before posting this and it was extremely dark and pouring outside with thunder and lightning! It was awesome! If you havn’t noticed yet, I love thunderstorms because they are the perfect time to stay inside and pop in a nice movie and to make some popcorn or to just post on the computer! All of my friends are not home so… I thought this would be a good day to update everything! Well because there really isn’t anything else to do… besides dancing in the rain which is what i always do so by now that gets boring 😛 Just before I put green food dye in my water and started drinking it and my sister just looked at me and said, “wtf is wrong with you?!” well I had nothing else to do so! It was fun(: Next time she’s drinking something imma put yellow food dye in it(; shush don’t tell her 😛 I can see her now… flipping out cuz its not supposed to be yellow 😛 oh well, she’ll get over it 😛 Do you wanna know what makes me mad? I’ve been trying to update my iPod with the iPod 4.0 software but its being like stupid and not working… Right now its backing up or whatever… Imma just let it run all day and see what happens… maybe it will eventually work 😛 I don’t have that much stuff on my iPod 😛 well only like 500 songs and over 100 apps but still that’s not a lot xD Today’s song is, If I Had You by Adam Lambert!

This Summer has been great so far! I’ve had soo much fun and I cant wait to hang out with my friends more… but recently, my friend told me to go to Google, search “Lol, Limewire” and click “I’m Feeling Lucky” I like was hysterical laughing… here’s what popped up 😛

It was soo random but hilarious xD So yah have a nice day and check out my new blog, Aios, HTTP://THEAIOS.WORDPRESS.COM !

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