7 Jul

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It is a great day today! Know why? ITS 100 DEGREES OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW!? Yah so that statement was a lie… its not great… its too hot here… But whatever! Summer brings you some of the best things to help you cool down, starting with ICE CREAM! I ❤ Ice Cream! It is an amazing creation that Drk has for breakfast numerous times during the week -.- “But I excercise so its all good!” Mhm Drk its SOO good for you! Also with your whole frozen soda thing… Your rediculous… You seriously have a obsession with sugar! But what else you may ask? OUTDOOR POOLS! not to forget the BEACH! But for anything outside… Remember your sunscreen… and when I say that listen to me, and believe you can get extremely bad sunburn that burns, hurts, and itches… I would know because im stupid and didnt use sunscreen that one day when I was away -.- So yah… Back to the ice cream! My favorite ice cream flavor is Cookie Dough(: There are a lot of good places to get ice cream, like Ralphs as an example, their ice cream is very nommy(: So yah… What else about summer is great? ICEES! I love icees(: They are soo good and younger as a child I had an obsession with them… Yah I know… sad… But they were addictive 😛 So its not my fault… I also think they’re pure sugar… 😛 Now I sound like Drk xD What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Today’s song is… We’ll Be a Dream by We The Kings feat.  Demi Lovato!

I think thats such a great song<3 just saying 😛 The music video is so cute(: So I hope you enjoy it… Tomorrow ive officially been on Summer Vacation for 2 weeks! I love Summer soo much(:

funny pictures of cats with captions

I hope you are having an awesome Summer! Have a nice Wednesday!(:

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2 Responses to “Woah”

  1. audrey 1 July 7, 2010 at 3:05 PM #

    =) i can’t believe it has only been 2 weeks…feels like 2 months =(

  2. Chad July 10, 2010 at 1:23 PM #

    i wish demi lovato would hurry up and make a new album before i lose too much interest.

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