Schools Out, Summers In!

4 Jul


Miss me? (what a fail of a way to start a post, I know.) Well it’s not all too bad… I’m am extremely happy! know why?! do yah!? do yah?!!?!? Well I do!!! SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! You should be very happy like me(: because guess what else that finally means?! ALMOST DAILY POSTS! I have nothing better to do over the summer because I’m gonna have tons of free time because there’s no more school, which means no more work, which is amazingg(: There has been a recent drop in hits and I will make sure to try to bring that up with my recent posts(: So many of you may be wondering, WHERE WERE YOU!? well if you really care about my social life, I was in school, taking finals, and now that’s all over! I just saw my report card today, and I did good :mrgreen: drk posted as you can see! :O I know, shocker! It was because I was away in South Carolina! It was sooo much fun there(: I met these two girls, they were nice… one was creepy… I went to the beach almost daily soo yahh!(: and one more thing about South Carolina… I GOT TERRIBLE SUNBURN! I actually got blisters, and my skin was extremely burned, and it hurt soo bad… SO WHAT IVE LEARNED IS TO WEAR SUNSCREEN, you may think haha that’s what my mom always tells me but I don’t wanna do that… believe me, if it saves you from what im going through, use it, load up on it… it will make your summer that much better! believe me it will… at the moment its peeling and my entire body is itchy… it looks quite ickyy… so yah… what else is new you may ask?! you’ll never guess, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! This is old news but still, I never posted about itt 😛 she’s soo amazingg andd yahh she’s amazingg<3(: Its been almost two months(: on the tenth of July I think is our 2 month… too bad she’s away at summer camp for a couple weeks 😦 I miss her 😥 soo let’s get to what else is important… I know it’s extremely late, but tomorrow im most likely opening Aios, most of you probably don’t remember… well I was supposed to open it like 2 weeks ago, but well, I forgot… but there are a few other things I need to do with it before I open but yah… keep checking for when it opens(:

so yah check out that link up there ↑ hopefully you can see it 😛 If you don’t… then well I cant help you 😛 Heres a random fact, did you know you can get sunburn in the WINTER?! I just recently found that out xD its kinda sad who gets major sunburn in the Winter 😛 (Drk if your reading this, this is what we talked about last night) Yah this post is getting mucho long but whatever im catching up with you people and it distracts me from my sunburn 😛 Heres a picture to start off the Summer right!

funny pictures of cats with captions

aww poor kitty 😦 This post is getting really long! 😛 If you guys are reading , I love you 😛 So yah be sure to check out Aios ( ) for when I open it up!(: The song of today’s post is, Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner (:

Skip the first like 20 seconds of it because this is the actual music video and its all weird in the beginning soo yahh(: So have a great day! and don’t forget a great 4th of July!


2 Responses to “Schools Out, Summers In!”

  1. audrey 1 July 5, 2010 at 9:20 AM #

    =] good to see more posts from ya, Luhy =]
    see ya soon ❤

  2. Laυghing Ninja™ July 6, 2010 at 6:16 PM #

    Hey LUHY, what do you use to make the header and the 4th of July banner and all that? I mean… Photoshop, GIMP or what?


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