Giant Marshmallows

4 Jun


Soo drk, if your reading this you completely understand why i lovee you right now(: So for all of you that don’t know, i walked into English today, and i was in shock when i saw what drk was eating! IT WAS A GIANT MARSHMALLOW! ik your thinking it could not have been that big but i was like :O THATS A GIANT MARSHMALLOW! and she’s like YES! and yahh(: well i cant find a picture the size it was but i can find collassal ones(:

So yah you can tell those arent really marshmallows but whatever close enough(: what i really wanna know is where did you get that marshmallow drk? because i kinda really want onee!!! so heres the song of the day… there are some bad lyrics so don’t listen if your like 10-11 here’s Billionaire by Travie McCoy(:

so yah have a nice Friday(:


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