Smosh! :)

30 May


If none of you have known yet, I am a big fan of Smosh! If your thinking they’re like some squishing company, your wrong! They are two guys from California who think like I do and are HILARIOUS like when I say that I mean hilarious! Most of their videos consist of many random ideas like some of my posts, and that’s probably why I think they’re amazingg! Now lets stop talking and let’s get down to the videos! (Do not watch if you are younger than 11 because some of these videos have some content that may be innapropriate for younger children)

This one is basically one of the most hilarious ones out of all of them its hilariousss!!!!!!

ahhh Smosh is Amazingg 🙂 For more videos check out


One Response to “Smosh! :)”

  1. audrey 1 June 14, 2010 at 3:52 PM #

    Leave it to beiber….lol!
    why is everyone so intent on picking on himm??


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