Updates, Updates, Updates

29 May

Update: I just realized that the flag counter has reset and I’m basically crying right now. It was normally at over 150,000 visitors from the US and now its only at 800 😥 and then there were over 200 countries that visited, and now its at 70 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 I hope they fix this because I want it back 😦


If you have not noticed yet, there have been many updates. The theme has changed, the background has changed, and the new theme color is green. So yah I am planning on updating much more, and I will let you guys know when I do. I have recently been noticing that more of you are going to our banner page. Remember if you add our banner we will most likely return the favor. To go to the banner page click on this graphic, which is also located on the sidebar.

I will be updating the sidebar, and I might add a few new banners. I might also get someone to make me a new header because I got an idea for one. So yah keep checking back for updates 🙂

Thanks for Reading! 🙂

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