Potatoes :)

29 May

Update: I just realized that the flag counter has reset and I’m basically crying right now. It was normally at over 150,000 visitors from the US and now its only at 800 😥 and then there were over 200 countries that visited, and now its at 70 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 I hope they fix this because I want it back 😦


I had the sudden urge to make a post about potatoes! 😀 I love potatoes there is soo many ways to eat em! You can fry em, (into french fries of course) grill em, bake em, saute em, and there are soo many types of potatoes! Okay well the topic of potatoes is starting to bore me so now let’s go to another! I got new glasses from Zumiez today 🙂 they are amazingg and I love them, i am currently wearing them right now while writing this post! I like Zumiez, but personally I like Pacsun better 🙂 Pacsun is where I get most of my clothes, like skinny jeanss and stuff 🙂 (yes I am a boy) Now let’s go into my love for Lady GaGa! I loveee her sooo much! 😀 all of her music is basically amazing and all of her outfits, so creative. This is basically just a random post so im sorry, but I felt the urge 😀 I’ve recently been listening to a lot of 3oh!3, im guessing they’re planning to make a new album soon because they have a lot of singles 🙂 I’d rather not post a song by them, because some of you are young and shouldnt really hear them sooo… I shall post another! Here is the most popular song on iTunes, California Gurls, by Katy Perry, another artist I really like 🙂

I like that song, good beat 🙂 Now here’s a MAJOR FAIL… Like how could this happen?

epic fail photos Road Painting Fail

Thanks for Reading 🙂


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