where to start…

25 May


Today was an oh so great day, (Sarcasm) it started out with one fight than two… then escalated to some sub getting arrested? (that was kinda funny but still) then finally made up with someone and got into a fight with another… then lunch was just great… (thats not sarcasm it actually wasnt that bad) then it was all fine until gym… tennis baseball.. really? okayy… well i just stand in the back not batting, not catching, watching the ball… if you dont know yet, i dont like gym or baseball so today was great im basically just ranting at this point and i cant say much more without getting personal so imma leave that at that… if  your following, thank you and you now know why i was mad today. So yah today was oh so great… lets listen to a new song, Believe by Travis Garland… He is a new artist from texas who was featured on American Idol and i thought this song was pretty good soo… listen 🙂

So hope you enjoyed that songg 😆 thankss for reading all of this 😀 i will post better soon 🙂


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