26 Feb


Ya first of fall don’t ask what I mean by the title because I just thought of a title for like the past like 10 minutes and that’s the best I thought of… sad right? So if you live anywhere near where I live it DOES NOT stop snowing. Ya hence why I am making a post… I have absolutely NOTHING to do… My red wheat takes 3 days to grow on farmville so I can’t really do anything with it… You didn’t know I’m obsessed with Farmville? well now you know… Okay so lets at least get on topic so that this post isn’t a total waste of your time… (or is it?) You know what… Imma post about something else… Okay so I’ve been thinking of doing a few experiments for Luhy but im kinda not sure how to do them. I wanna make some changes but thats kinda under construction and secretive at the moment. As you may know there is a little over 125 days left until the opening of Aios ( ) and my idea includes some connection between the two. Ya I know im not gonna reveal it, I know its hard even if any of you are even reading this? If you are than thank you*(: But, I’m also in design of a few new things that will come in the future of Luhy… I know exciting! But, for all you dedicated fans (yes you if your reading this) you must wait to find out… Mostly because I only have the bare bones of what im going to do. Mostly everything on Luhy will change eventually… (not the theme because im still in love with that) But, ya… That’s all im gonna say at the moment… As some of you may know, the Winter Olympics are in the process, and many of the athletes are doing VERY good… the fans… not so much…

epic fail pictures

Have a nice day*(:

One Response to “Satisfaction?”

  1. ⌈βrεtt⌋ February 27, 2010 at 5:58 PM #

    Haha. Cool pictures. Its been snowing alot here (North Carolina) and it’s stopped a week ago. We have to make up Spring break for the snow days. 😦

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