When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left!

29 Jan


NARWHALS NARWHALS SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN CAUSING A COMMOTION CAUSE THEY ARE SO AWESOME! NARWHALS NARWHALS PRETTY BIG AND PRETTY WHITE THEY BEAT A POLAR BEAR IN A FIGHT! Okay so first off I’m sorry to all of you for not posting… from my busy-ness to trying to post and manage this blog is really tough so im really trying to post more often. So as you can probably see, new theme, which I am seriously in LOVE with. It is seriously like PERFECT. Enjoy this video*(:

Narwhals are really awesome! They are like a unicorn that swims in an ocean! Like how is that not AMAZING?! I totally want a narwhal as a pet… Are they actually really animals?


OMG?! THEY ARE REAL!? They live in the cold! I shall make a cold water tank in my house when I get older and I shall own a narwhal! They are amazing!

Do You Want a Narwhal?

One Response to “When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left!”

  1. ⌈βrεtt⌋ January 29, 2010 at 11:14 PM #

    Narwhals, I guess are cool. They look like fat bags of grey things with a stick poking out of it. Haha. They look cool though. I want one!!!!!!!

    PS. Love the theme too, but I got iNove, which honestly is way better than yours. Mine can have a custom banner as a header and it has simple CSS built into it and I can make a line or text above each page like a notice. All thanks to iNove. Which is AWESOME! I was about to change to this ’til I saw the other one.

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