Merry Christmas… Well Day AFTER Christmas ;)

26 Dec


Merry Day after Christmas everyone! Did you guys get anything you really liked? Anything? At all? Yes? No? ANSWER MEEE! ohh you did? Well I sure did! Do you wanna know what I got? You don’t? Too bad im telling you anyway 🙂 I got a new iPod dock, Clothes (tons of awesome shirts, batman shirts, spiderman shirts, shirts with cool designs, TONS of skinny jeans, shoes, and 6 bracelets, to be exact) The new Lady Gaga CD and might I say an amazing one! and TONS of other things I know you guys don’t care about 🙂 So comment below what you got for Christmas, or any holiday you celebrate 🙂 So are you guys off for winter break? I am and im LOVING it 🙂 On Christmas I went to my cousin’s house and we played “Things” I PWND AND WON! 🙂 It’s an awesome game, I shall tell you about it in another post, im gonna start making “Vs.” posts, and reviews on tons of things, and a little bit of other types of posts. Did you have anything funny happen during Christmas?

My house this year lights up my whole block! Did you have holiday spirit this year?

epic fail pictures

Todays Blog of the Day is…


What did you get for Christmas? Did anything funny happen during your celebration?


One Response to “Merry Christmas… Well Day AFTER Christmas ;)”

  1. KaylaWayloPotato!!! =) December 26, 2009 at 11:36 PM #

    LUHY ROCCKS MY SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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