Winter Winter Winter, How Much I LOVE YOU :)

11 Dec


Wow its been a long time since ive made a post! I’m sorry, im just so busyy! Just a week and 3 days until im here for like 2 weeks! I have a few really good post ideas and I might wanna break a world record? Do you think I can do that? Well to do that its gonna take me awhile so, imma probably do it over winter break. So whats new with me you ask? Well nothing really, im just really sick and I stayed home from school today. I’m currently wearing like 20 million layers, and im still an ice-cube! It’s cold here where I live… RAHH! I think the reason im sick is because I walked to my friend’s house after swimming last night when I was wet at night in like 20ºF weather! Then I was standing outside… IT WAS FREEZING! So ya I didn’t get more than 5 seconds of sleep last night… woops xP So now that you’ve heard about my not so personal life, how do you guys like the new theme for the holidays? Comment below what you think about it 🙂 So did you notice that this winter its FREEZING! Not that im complaining or anything, well i just complained but FORGET ABOUT IT! Ya so… isn’t it called GLOBAL WARMING? It’s cold, thats not WARMER! So ya… why am I ranting about this? I have absolutely no clue. So I know your probably all like SHUSH! So imma show you some funny winter pictures! 😀

I’ll be making another post tomorrow! 😀

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