2 Nov

I’ve decided that imma make lots of posts on my iPod because that’s easiest for me! Imma try and make some decent posts. I’m sorry for my horrible lack of posts… I know 4 posts in October is like failish! So how was your Halloween? Mine was boring in the beginning but by 1 am I was having funn! Candy/desserts=sugar=good I got really really hyper! Shaving cream is awesome too! It’s fun to have shaving cream fights! Apparently a lot of kids my age got yelled at by the cops? HOW?!? that’s my question… They all must fail YOU ALL FAIL! x] So okay I’ll explain my lack of postss, first of all school is really tough this year, tons of work. Second, the contest is going on and I’m trying to finish all the prizes before announcing the winners. Third, I’m trying really hard to make a posting schedule and update everything often, there’s gonna be tons of new pages, as well as some other new things. By the way, how do you guys like the theme? I like it a lot? Wudda you think?

Do you like the Fall theme?


One Response to “SoOoOoOo……”

  1. ~MAYA! November 2, 2009 at 11:30 PM #

    :[ Aww, yeah. Homework sucks.
    😀 I LLLOOOVVVEEE the design!! Love it! 😀 ❤

    ~MAYA! the back of a long dark car..

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