Connect To Luhy!

17 Oct


As you maybe have noticed, on the sidebar there is a new widget, it is a  widget that has 2 links to the LuhyBlog Twitter page, and the Luhy Facebook page. If you have a Twitter account it would be great if you could follow! Also, if you have a Facebook account it would be TOTALLY WICKED for you to become a fan of Luhy on Facebook… If you follow the Luhy Luhy “>Twitterpage and Luhy Facebook page you will get the fastest updates to any new post, or anything else that will be going on in Luhy (Contests, Posts, Pages, and much more.) So if you are interested look to the right on the widget where it says “Connect With Luhy” just click the graphic that is there to go to either the Luhy Facebook page or the Luhy Twitter page, or even both, so if you want to know anything new thats gonna happen on Luhy, be sure to follow the Luhy Twitter page on Twitter and become a fan of Luhy on Facebook! GO DO IT! NOW! if your still reading this you still have not clicked either of the two pages! GO GO GO! (: If you are having trouble finding it here are the graphics…

Luhy Facebook Page:

Luhy Twitter Page:


2 Responses to “Connect To Luhy!”

  1. Sssaam October 17, 2009 at 1:40 PM #

    Hey hey hey. You said comment if ya like and I like so I’m commenting. See ya!

  2. ♡☛E M I L Y☚♡⎣ Think Ahead ⎦ October 18, 2009 at 1:32 PM #

    thanks for the comment on my blog! Really made me feel special!:)
    I’ll totally follow you on twitter and facebook!
    Nice widgets by the way!

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