Funny Pictures… MADE BY ME!

7 Sep


School is in 2 days! EWWW! Like really… who likes school! Like I’m excited, that’s not gonna last very long though… I have a short attention span if you haven’t noticed! I recently smashed a glass vase with a tape measure… I’m just that special! I just spent 3 hours making 4 pictures for you! I know right! I’m currently like working a lot on certain things coming for luhy so I’m not really posting… But, I got rid of Luhy graphics if you haven’t been paying attention, I made a nameplate site! I’m currently working on a few new things you can order there along as a couple new pages for luhy… I’m updating all of the pages and stuff before we go back to school so I don’t have to worry about it again until around Christmas break… So, there’s also a contest going on, the post above this, so if you could enter that would be awesome! So go enter! So here’s the pictures i made for you guys! I hope you really like them! 🙂

Im gonna continue making them, they were suckish because i barely thought about them… So I promise ill make them funnier next time! Also with the post… Its really bad… I know… Please tell me if you liked the pictures! I promise to make an AWESOME post tomorrow!



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P.S.S. Me and Drk are trying to think of something big we can do for Luhy… any ideas?


One Response to “Funny Pictures… MADE BY ME!”

  1. ►Raz0rEdge◄ September 7, 2009 at 9:12 PM #

    Hi! do you remember me? Wiifan7 10. I was the guy who won the commenting contest but dropped out ’cause I got a new blog. (W710V2)
    So I got an email address of my own ( and made a new WordPress account. And I made a 3rd blog. 😯 amazing, izn’t it?
    well go ahead and comment sometime

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