New York City… HURTS MY LEGS!

1 Sep

*This is Luhy posting on behalf of drk, I got this post in a text xP*

heyyy people… person… thing on a web-enabled something… or someone printed this out for you to read o.O if thats the case, then thats just freakish. More freakish than me sitting on the floor outside by where you buy tickets to get into the central park zoo…which is what im doing right now. =/

Well, personally, I dont wanna learn how to drive. I really dont trust myself so yea… but my moms like “You should to drive anyways” and im like “Mom, no.” But, I got lots of time until then… OMG wow… only like 2 more years… GAH, I DONT WANNA GET OLDER! I DONT WANNA GO TO COLLEGE OR GET A CAREER O.O

*Back To Driving*

Watching people eat while driving is funny… when you stare at em like o_O their like =O Then they accidently miss their mouth, and get the food all over their clothes and car and face… then they drive off wondering what your actually thinking!

Random Fact- Ralph Laurens original was Ralph Lifshitz xP

Now im gonna end this post because there is nothing else to post about…


2 Responses to “New York City… HURTS MY LEGS!”

  1. ♫[Chloe]♫ September 1, 2009 at 2:56 PM #

    Oo, central park :mrgreen:

  2. Beauty101 September 1, 2009 at 3:28 PM #

    Haha.. I also love watching people eating while driving! it’s soo funny! Peace!

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