Spongebob! (:

24 Aug

Hi Hii Peoplez of Luhy,

Spongebob! Isn’t the little spongey dude just so awesome? He’s yellow, awesome, spongey, hilariously funny, weird and somewhat cute (ahh I did not just say that xD). If any of you don’t know who spongebob is (where have you been all these years?!) he’s the dude off that tv show Sponge Bob Square Pants that I think they show on nickelodeon and a lot of other tv channels (I think?). This is what spongeybob looks like:

Isn’t he adorable?! He has an amazingly bad fashion sense which makes him even better! Okaay, so here are some of teh other spongebob characters:

thts patrick 🙂 the fat awesome one! xD

Sandy…the squirrel! 🙂

Squidward…that thing ^^

Mr Krabs (or crabs. idk) … the money obsessed one ^^

okaay and I’ll just post 1 more picturee now…

Gary! teh snail! spongebobs pet! w00t! 😀

Do you guys like spongebob??



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