Palm Trees…!

17 Aug

Oo hai people!

Odd post title…yes. Okaay so aren’t palm tree’s so awezome?! They look really pretty and niice. Especially when you get like palm tree/island designs on shirts, like mine right now. It’s so prittiful :mrgreen: Palmm treeeez:

What a lucky person under that huuuuugeeeee palm treee. They is lucky though izn’t they?! Yus, yus they aree.

It’s soo awesome going on vacation 2 rlly hot desertish places like that where there’z prettty palm tree’s and coconuts and all that awesomeness isn’t it?! And gold sandyy beaches are soo relaxing and awesome. and blue skies. You have 2 love blue skies. And teh sun. Teh sun is awesome. How it beatz down against teh water is awesome too since it lets of this awesome reflection type thing.

Do you like going on vacation 2 hot sandy beachy places? Or do you live somewhere like that? Or do you prefer cold weird places like…antartica?



One Response to “Palm Trees…!”

  1. shyshy6510 August 19, 2009 at 6:01 PM #

    i prefer hot sandy places like florida where i was pose to go dis summer but unfortunately didnt!! ):

    -shyshy6510 misses florida.

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