Who Wants a Cookie? TOO BAD!

9 Aug


We here at luhy like to take our cookie protection to an extreme. We will not give up our cookies to anyone, besides all of our supporters. You may think that this post is gonna be serious but believe me… It’s not, we are about to get crazy why am I showing emphasis while doing thislike really… Lolllllliiiiessss! Um? Okay than… I feel stupid doing this… OMG! WHy (Capitol h) 😛 is there like a giant hole in my ceiling?!? Its like the hole to the evil darklessness. Like maybe its a black hole that’s gonna swallow me up like a chocolate chip cookie! Why am I talking so much about cookies in this post? I have a prettiful picture on my hand… it is a picture of a dog riding on a balloon on a stick! Like really how is that not awesome! Its like being a cat riding in a bucket full of litter going wee-wee while trying not to poop itself. Or even a giant gorilla choking on mayonnaise with chunks of human vomit? If you did not gag after reading that, please comment, because I would like to know what the heck is wrong with you.

I’m gonna end this post… Like what else is there to post about? Your giant 70’s hairstyle that everyone says looks good even though in the back of their mind they are thinking that you look like a chihuahua that just went through a car wash? Oh by the way HAPPY MELON DAY! Today is the 2nd Sunday in august right? YES! It is! HAPPY MELON DAY! Have your cantermelon you have been saving in the back of your freezer that has probably rotted because you had forgot about it because you were too busy with your giant… I REALLY NEED TO ADJUST MY MIND BECAUSE THIS POST MAKES OFFICIALLY NO SENSE! Please don’t ask why I posted this post… That’s whats going on in my mind right now… Just don’t ask…

fail owned pwned pictures


song chart memes

funny pictures of dogs with captions



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P.S. I made a new page to organize all of the pages so in case you are confused where all the pages went, they are all here…. CLICK HERE!  Also, we wanna do lots of new stuff with luhy so if you have any suggestions comment your idea and we might use it! We are getting tons of ideas so let yours be one!

P.S.S. Sorry for the odd post.. my mind is a big mush!

If you had chocolate chip’s and a giant cheeseblock, what would you do with them?


2 Responses to “Who Wants a Cookie? TOO BAD!”

  1. ~Maya August 10, 2009 at 12:25 AM #

    Lol lol xD Parking fail

  2. ★**Heyitsme**★ August 10, 2009 at 9:49 AM #

    Answer to that really random question at the end of your post…
    I’d eat all the chocolate chips and then use my new super choccy-chippy powers to fly in the air and throw pieces of cheeseblock at random people. 😆

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