!tsoP a si sihT ?tahw what? This is a Post!

11 Jul

HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some old people are really smelly….. WHATS WITH REALLY SMELLY OLD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Like little kids don’t smell like anything… unless they have either made an animal best friend or just went through a mud slide……. MUD SLIDES ARE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially when their wet… TIP: DO NOT TRY A MUD SLIDE WHEN NOW WET! It hurts….. REALLY BADLY! You also have a change of possibly cracking open your head… then… blood happens…. AND HOSPITAL HERE WE COME!!!! Why are hospitals so cold!!!!!! Like when the doctor dude touches me, I’m like GET YOUR FREEZING HANDS OFF OF ME!!!!! If you know why their hands are always so cold… PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!! Its so like TORTURESS!!!!!!! You have to admit… the title of this post is kinda cool….. Ya whatever…………. Why do libraries have to be so quiet?!? Like the old lady is always like SHUSH! But like really… Some people don’t need silence to read…… I listen to music when I read sometimes…. that possibly explains why i read slow…………..

YESTERDAY I GOT A GIGANTIC SLURPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was huge!! There was this really addicting stuff in it… it was like really sweet yet sour… it was like Strawberry, Pineapple, and lime… IT WAS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE WOULD BE NO MEANING TO LIFE, IF THERE WERE NO SPORKS!!!! IT WOULD BE A DISASTER!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s some pictures for your amusements! 😀
funny pictures of cats with captions

Funny Gifs

funny pictures of cats with captions





Also, I’m making a Graphics Blog… I’m currently working on it to start… But once I start, name plates are the only thing that I’m good at… I’m still practicing the others.. but once I learn how, I’m going to make them something you can order… THANKS!!!!! Check it out…. http://luhygraphics.wordpress.com/ I should be done within like 5 days or something… BUT KEEP CHECKING BACK!!!!!!!!!! Once its open, Order away! 😀


P.S. If you haven’t noticed… Ive been working on the blogroll… I’m revising it, and making cooler name things for it… I’m still working on it though… Its almost at like the bottom of the sidebar… ENJOY YOUR SATURDAY!!!!


3 Responses to “!tsoP a si sihT ?tahw what? This is a Post!”

  1. shyshy6510 July 12, 2009 at 1:19 AM #

    Man…. I did not like your post at all… I FREAKIN LOVED IT!! Like sometimes I hate when posts go on and on and on like some people *cough cough* do. 😆 But like when they just go on and talk about random non-important stuff. This post is good 😀 Good post very good post 🙂 . Man Slurpees rock! They rock! 😛 yumm *eats some of cookie dough blizzard from DQ* oh and yeah Pimp my Alpakah thats just sooo AWESOME-ISH!!


    PS.I’m bookmarking your site.Expect more comments from me.. maybe some comments from you?

  2. JacksonZ July 12, 2009 at 4:46 PM #

    Hey Luhy! Nice blog. Thanks for that comment you left like 2 days ago. I added you to my blogroll. Could you add me to yours?

  3. jorjeea July 12, 2009 at 4:57 PM #


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