This is a Post…….HEAR ME RAWR!!!!!!!!

22 May

This is a post…… his name is bob, he likes you……. HE WANTS TO KISS YOU! KISS THE POST! KISS THE SCREEN! I know you didnt do it yet, so DO IT! oh really? you dont want to look stupid! Well bobs waiting! kiss him! or else! he will come out of your screen and bite you!  and blow his stinky breath on you! YA I WENT THERE! UH HUH! WHAT YOU GONNA DO BOUT IT! WELL YOU CANT! OH! Just wait, he will follow you home! and follow you until you kiss him! so just do it! KISS THIS POST! DO IT!

YOU’RE JEALOUS OF MY GEORGEOUS FLOWING HAIR! Its super soft and your jealous! OH YA! Supposedly drk is a ninja in disguise just waiting to attack according to our science teacher….. shes actually gonna dress up like a ninja the last day of school xD OMG my doctor said that when he checks my ears, he sees Hamburgers and french fries! AHHHHH IM TURNING INTO A FAST FOOD MEAL! AHHHH ITS GROWING AHH!!!! IM BLOWING UP!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! *KABOOM* Me exploded! me special! I EXPLODED! YOU JEALOUS! Ya thats wut I thought.

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH A VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH ITS ATTACKING MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH FIRE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPAM BLOCKER GO! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIRUSES!!!!!!!!!!!! GAHHH!!!!!!!!!!! ok all gone…………… NO!!!!! ITS BACK IN MY PRINTER AHHH!!! DIE DIE!!!!!!!!! *smashes printer* HA! BEAT THAT! *computer bites luhy* AHHH!!!!!!!!! GET OFF MY EAR! GAHH!!! AHH STOP SQUIRTING ME WITH INK!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!! all gone 😛 OMG MY ARRT PROJECT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It has a dude with a carrot as a foot! I LIKE CARROTS! IM NOT LIKE HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!! HA BEAT THAT HANNAH!

im a bunny! PITTER PATTER PITTER PATTER! *hop, hop, hop, hop* i eat a carrot!!!!!!!!!! YUM YUM! CRUNCH CRUNCH! Oh! awesome!!!!!!!! I have a fluff tail!!!!!!!! *chases after tail* uggg!!!!!!!!!!! grrr!!!!!!!!! BARK BARK! wait………… thats a dog…….. WHAT SOUND DOES A RABBIT MAKE?!?!?!? somebody tell me! NOW! DO IT before me and the post bite you! we will do it! we have sharp teeth! YUMMY! we will be vampires! like edward cullen! REALLY! why does everyone say hes so hot! hes really ugly! and like eww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like really! he can kill you people! bite you! wont that hurt! HOW ARE YOU FINE WITH THAT! weirdo……………………….. I like spinnys! I LIKE THESE THINGYS! THEY ARE AMUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spiral765.gif spiral animated image by Mecis and this thing… its pretty cool!!!!!! anim002.gif Animated Spiral image by christineeaton4108PERTY COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEALOUS MUCH!ohhh ya! I KNOW YOUR JEALOUS DONT HIDE IT! Hide under a table for all i care stand up and hurt your head! WOW! IM NOT SERIOUS! WOW JUST WOW! DONT DO IT!!!!!! YOU WILL GET A CONCUSSION!!!!!!!!! oh wait……….. too late….. but you know what you can do????????? get a running start and run into a wall! NO DONT DO IT! NO NO! but if you already did, heres some things you may need!

1. Medical attention
2. Some cement
3. Some Drywall
4. Some Wood
5. A Hammer
6. Some nails
7. and a reason for your parents not to kill you! NO DONT BLAME ME! i told you not to! WOW BE A TATTLE TALE WHY DONT YOU! gosh!

Tattle tale sounds funny! TATTLE TALE!!!!!!!!!!!! TATTLE! TALE! its a tale of a tattler?!?! whats a tattler! AHHHHH IM CONFUSING MYSELF! POTATO! TOMATO! POTATO! TOMATO! is a toamto a fruit or a vegetable? I THINK ITS A FRUIT! Veggies dont exist!!!!!!!!!!! anything with seeds is considered a fruit! every “vegetable” you can think of, it has seeds and is a fruit! HA THIS IS THE 1ST TIME IM RIGHT! YAY IM SMART! AHHHH!!!! A WEIRD THINGY IS ON MY LEG! AHHHH ITS A BUGGY! AWWW! ILL SAY HI TO HIM FOR YOU! BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. dont forget to enter luhys contest!

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