Poor Sea Monkeys(and flamingos)!

22 May

Sea monkeys are going extinct!!! Do you know what they are?!?! They are those tiny tiny organisms that live in the water(also known as brine shrimp)!!!! Buy them now! Do it! If you do………………..You could get paid!!!!!!!!  Or not! Yeah probably not! Nope!

Did you now that there are more fake flamingoes than real! Fake you ask? The ones peole buy in the store! They are a waste of plastic!!! Pele stick them in their gardens or ponds!!!!! Wait……What is pele?!?! Tell me! Be that way! Brb! I’ll go look it up!!! : p  Now I will leave! I KNOW THAT YOU  THINK I’M WONDERFUL AND YOU’RE JEALOUS OF ME! I WONT COME BACK! NOT UNTIL I FIND OUT WHAT PELE MEANS! Ok i got it… here you go!



A fortfied tower for residence or for use during an attack.

Wow that doesn’t make any sense! well this makes sense: People stick them in their gardens and ponds.

Ahhh! My cat is attaking my foot! Let go Cat!!!!! Ahhhh! Why are you attacking my foot! It smells!


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