None of Your Bee’s Wax!

16 May

PEOPLE ARE SOOO RUDE! ONCE SOMETHING EXCITING HAPPENS IN YOUR LIFE EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW! Like really its my life, not your so leave me alone! WELL ITS FRIDAY! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Apparently according to one of my friends, im a piece of toast…. REALLY! HOW! ILL TOTALLY EAT MYSELF! I would probably be the most yummy piece of toast ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG A BUBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS BLUE!!!!!!!!! I MUST POP! Ok found out, it was just my stupid contact again! I was just like swinging at the air………. WOW! IM STUPID!

Really, Redcowz rated this blog on his blog and he said im bubbly, IM NOT A BUBBLE! IM A HUMAN BEING! or am i a banana? YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HA! Well im gonna speak in spanish! yay!!!! EL RESTAURANTE ES MUY INTERESANTE Y COMIDA ES MUY SOBROSO!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! IM SMARTICLE!!!!!!!! 😛 Well my spanish teacher was like making super weird noises today…… I think she was trying to be a whale…………………. Yesterday i licked someone………………… THEY DID NOT TASTE GOOD! They like tasted like all pooish! it was gross…………………… maybe it was dirt………… that like ya they were brown…… and like all grossish!

OMG DO YOU PEOPLE REMEMBER THAT GIRL THAT LIKE COUGHED ON ME, SHE IS LIEK A STALKER! EVERYWHERE I GO SHES THERE AND LIKE SHE ALWAYS COUGHS ON ME! i THINK SHE HATES ME! I know someone whos in most of my classes that tried out for the U.S. open! and I knew that he wasnt gonna make it, cuz like they were picking 157 people out of 9,000 most of the people were like 30 and the person i kno is 13 😀 I already knew he wasnt gonna make it! 😛 Yesterday, my band teacher, Mr. Segale said that since we cant wear shorts, for the memorial day parade, YES IM IN A PARADE! ITS SOO EXCITING IM GONNA BE LIKE FAMOUS YAY ME! well, he said that if we think its unfair blog about how unfair he is, and he said the other day, that we could blog about how much we hate him…. so im gonna make fun of him……. hes like really annoying, he gets angry for the stupidest reasons, and his eyes pop out of his head when he gets angry, he has LOTS of mood swings like one minute he’ll be cracking a joke and like the next he’ll be like CHECK! NO TALKING DURING BAND CLASS! (Check is supposedly a bad thing, i know its weird) you only get checks when you talk! I KNOW ITS SOOOO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I JUST REALIZED I TALKED ABOUT THE SAME THING FOR A FULL PARAGRAPH! IM SPEACIALISTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Well first of all if it makes you feel any better right now im wearing my underwear over my pants 😀 YOUR JEALOUS! SHE WANTS TO TOUCH ME WOAH! SHELL NEVER LEAVE ME WOAH! WOAH WOAH WOAHHHHHHHHH! I just realized something…….. there has been this weird truck car thing down the block from me…. theres a guy inside and hes been there all day… hes probably some creepy stalker fan! that would be creepy!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok a little overreactive……………… OMG AT SWIMMING I MADE ANOTHER SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS CALLED THE IM AMAZING RHYME! ok here it goes:


I KNOW IM AWESOME AND YOUR JEALOUS! Heres a few questions to ponder (I have no clue what ponder means)


If the ocean is clear in some places why isnt the sky clear there?

Why does Racecar spelt backwards spell racecar?

Why do the Heros always win over Villians?

Well you think about that………….. I HAD A MUFFIN! HIS NAME WAS JOE! and then………….. someone squisheded him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT MADE ME SO ANGRY! I punched the person…………… they got angry………………… and punched me back…….. then WITH MY AMAZING POWERS I BLEW THEM UP USING LEVITATION! I KNOW IM AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! then like blood and guts went everywhere……………… OMG AND THEN TODAY I HAD A SPONGEBOB BANDAID! HE WAS RIDING A SKATEBOARD! YOUR JEALOUS!!!!!!!

Really what does ponder mean? ITS SUCH A FORMAL WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PONDER! PONDERRR! its sorta like go on the potty to poo durrrr!!!!!!!!!!! OMG THERE WAS THIS SUB I HAD THE OTHER DAY! and we had to fill in these blanks and shes like…… for the blanks “DUMDIDDLYDUM” and like she was french, and like really what sub teaches you like really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!! OMG I JUST REMEMBERED ummm………………… I HAVE TO GO DIG A HOLE! for what you ask! I WILL TELL YOU! ummmm……… TO um. PLANT A QUARTER! I WANT A QUARTER TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYEEEEE!


One Response to “None of Your Bee’s Wax!”

  1. Ilan May 16, 2009 at 5:33 AM #

    Bubbly is a overall positive attitude. it doesn’t mean ur like a bubble.

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