dandruff shampoo- does not smell good!!!

6 May



ok, well, if you wanna know how i know what dandruff shampoo smells like…..


so i was stuck in Wal-Mart with my mom nd brother and my brother was like “WE NEED MOUTHWASH!!!” so my mom and brother walked into some aisle with da mouthwash and i didnt feel like following them so i was lookin @ shampoo cuz i felt like it (well, i like smelling the different types of shampoo…..some smell really good…..) and i saw Dandruff shampoo and it said “contains .09% tar” and  im like “TAR?!?!?!!? HOW CAN SHAMPOO HAVE TAR IN IT!?!?!?!? ISNT TAR THE STUFF ON DA STREETS?!!?” so then i opened the bottle (i kno, im soo freakin bad!)  and im like “EWW!!!!!! IT SMELLS BAD!!!”

and thats my story of how i know what dandruff shampoo smells like 😀



One Response to “dandruff shampoo- does not smell good!!!”

  1. paula June 30, 2009 at 5:45 PM #

    I have suffered with a flaky, scaly, oily scalp for several years. I tried herbal rinses, oils, etc. to no avail. I was so incredibly frustrated by wasting my money, time & hope on things that just didn’t get RID of the flakes.

    Then I tried the MADE FROM EARTH Tea + Protein Shampoo, and I was cautiously optimistic. I had read the reviews on the internet, and I really didn’t have anything to lose (except flakes, hopefully).

    I actually PRAYED for something to give me much needed relief from the constant flaking & itching. Well, I can honestly say after 1.5 months of using this every 3-4 days, my hair is *almost* completely flake free! Praise the Lord!

    This product may seem a little expensive, but for me, it is worth its weight in gold. Honestly, this is the best product on the market for people with seborrheic dermatitis (which is what I believe I have). I HIGHLY recommend it!

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