Green Tip of the Day #4!

5 May

WATER AND LIGHTS! THEY USE THE MOST ENERGY OUT OF ANY OF YOUR THINGS IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD! When you leave a room, TURN OFF THE LIGHT! If a lights on in a room where you arnt TURN OFF THE LIGHT! Also, when you are not using your computer or tv or gaming system, TURN IT OFF! AND UNPLUG IT!, Because even though its off their still wasted energy going through the outlet into your tv, computer, or gaming system! It also helps to change all of your light bulbs to flourescent bulbs! even though they cost more they save a lot more energy! IT SAVES THE ENVIORNMENT! AND ALSO CUTS DOWN ON COSTS! Another big spender is Water use, WHEN YOU ARE NOT USING YOUR WATER TURN IT OFF! IT WASTES WATER FOR THE LITTLE FISHYS! AND IT ALSO WASTES YOUR MONEY! So Turn off your water and lights when you are not using them! JUST ANOTHER WAY TO HELP YOU AND THE ENVIORNMENT OUT!


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