Immma new admin !

4 May

 Heyya guys!

I was made an admin yesterday, so thanks soo much Luhy people 😀

Okayy, so I’m Chloe from (Tryy and visit and get my hitz up a bit — srrry for da advertising) Soo, here’z a bit about mee::

I’m 10 years old and from England,, soo like I spell a few words differently from Americans – like the word colour 🙂 In case it wasn’t yet obvious to you guys, I’m a girl. My favourite colourrz thiz kind of blue and that lushhh lime greeen, itz welll cool 🙂 I’m pretttty random . . . but like, i’ll try and post about some random and cool stuff on this blog, whereas I’d post about my own life on my main blog 🙂 Okie, well I love tigers, dolphins and penguins – i’ve got this reallly sweet, huge tigerr plush toy in my room which is soo sweet 😀 Some of my fave websites ((not including wordpress blogs)) are bebo, youtube, wordpress and pro’lly xat or sumthin, coz that way I get 2 talk 2 some of yu guyz live 😆

:Okayy, so I absoloutly adoree music. I think Beyonce’s reallly cool – I love her songs Halo and If I were a boy, they’re both realllly cool. There’z a few British singerzz which I like, like The Saturdays, Lily Allen and I’m not sure if Alesha Dixon’s British but they’re all cool 😀
Okayy, so I’ll try and post like once a week or somethin”, kayy??


OMG!! Cheese!!!??!!


2 Responses to “Immma new admin !”

  1. Ilan May 5, 2009 at 4:10 AM #

    Hi pinkey2we! Your name-plate is ready for pick-up. To retrieve it follow the following steps:

    Ilan’s Redcowz Blog > Pick-Up Page > Name-plates > Click Link

    My graphics policy is that if your name plate is not 100% to your liking, you the client, have the right to notify me of errors made in the process. Let me know within a week of delivery of any errors.

    Thank you for ordering Ilan’s Graphics! 🙂

  2. ♥Bbfreeze May 5, 2009 at 8:00 PM #

    Hiya, your name plate is done! You can pick it up at my Finished page on Bbfreeze Graphics. Thanks for your order!


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