Green Tip of the Day #2!

2 May

My Second green Tip to you is, to create a compost!  Creating a compost is very helpful to the earth and if your trying to work on your garden or yard…… To start it you can find an empty area in your yard or garden in a area of dirt…… you put up a plastic or wire fence  to hold all of the decomposing material…. You can put any food scraps or gardening scraps or even weeds into it, about once every 5 months you can turn over all of the dirt, to make sure that all of the material gets mixed around, it is normal that there are worms in it cause like dont be like EWWWWWW WORMS!!!!!!!! because they actually point out that your soil is super fertile……. every year when you start off your garden, you can scatter the composted material into the area and turn over the soil (do what you originally would to start off your season…….) But, turn over the dirt of your garden to make sure that all of the fertile material gets into your soil………. This helps to decrease the waste in landfills, but also makes your soil more fertile!! Heres a few pictures of composts made or bought by some people…….



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