Odd To Do Stuff

21 Feb


Well, There are many odd ways that are done every day………. Heres a few of these really odd things To do or that are done………………….

To Freeze Grapes-This makes them really good, and i really like them, you can also freeze them and turn them into jam!

To Mix Sodas- I LOVE to do this, if i could get the people at the restaurants to do it for me i would but they dont because they are lazy butts! It gives the soda a very differant flavor that i love….. my favorite mix is Mountain dew, Coca Cola, Sierra Mist, and Pepsi…… its SUPER GOOD!

Whine With A Pear Inside- Well There are many whine companies that get pears in their bottles of whine but no one knows how its done. The truth is is that when the pear is just a blossom a bottle is attached to the tree around it……. then when the pear is ripe, they pick the bottle and the pear is inside, and they fill it with the whine that they would like. So even though a very odd thing to do it is very interesting.

Thats all for now i may post more of these soon……….



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