Bracelet of the Week #1!!!!

9 Oct

Hi peoples, sry i haven’t posted bracelet of the week in a while, im just really busy with school and sports and wat not, but heres our 1st bracelet of the week, im going 2 start off with sumthin simple and get harder and harder as the weeks go on. the 1st bracelet will b the diagnol stripe (or candy stripe) bracelet. Here’s how 2 make it:

<<Here’s a pic of wat it looks like!!!! You can make this bracelet with any colors u want, and any amount of string(i use embroidery floss, i just call it string) that u want, so its pretty open 2 customize. in the picture the person used 4 shades of green and folded it in half 2 make 8 strings. It can be arranged anyway you like, but for some harder bracelets i will put arrangements. Also, work with a long amounts of string so u kno u have enough 2 finish the bracelet, cut off the extra @ the end.

1. Using the 1st thread on the left, make 7(or watever the amount of string ur using minus 1) forward knots  (fk)

2. Keep making 7 fk with the 1st thread on the left for pattern

See, that one was easy, but next week it’ll be a little bit harder! practice making this bracelet cuz this one is the starting block for all bracelets!!!!



One Response to “Bracelet of the Week #1!!!!”

  1. drkshadow17 October 9, 2008 at 8:56 PM #

    i suck @ makin bracelets. i dont have the patience for them.

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