Olympics Beijing 2008 is Coming to an End! :(

24 Aug


The olympics are coming to a sad end as the closing ceromony is tonight. We will have to wait another 4 Years For The Next One Which will take place in London! Although The Olympics are ending This olympics had the most broken world records and olympic records than any other olympics!!!!!! Two Of My favorite athletes who broke world records were Micheal Phelps-USA and Usain Bolt-Jamacia Heres their accomplishments:

Micheal Phelps: 8 Gold Medals

Usain Bolt: 100 meters-9.69 Seconds (New World Record), 200 meters-19.30 Seconds(New World Record), and 400 Meter Relay-37.10 Seconds (New World Record!)

Thats all For Now!

-Pinkey2we :mrgreen:


Information found on http://crazyflyingmonkeys.wordpress.com/


One Response to “Olympics Beijing 2008 is Coming to an End! :(”

  1. drkshadow17 August 25, 2008 at 3:39 PM #

    I dont think thats Usain Bolt in the Picture……….

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