How You Can Help Save The Endangered Amphibians of The World!

20 Aug

Question-Why Should We Save The Amphibians Of The World?

Answer-We Should Help Save Them Because They are such Wonderous Creatures That Help Humans a Great Deal. Most Amphibians Help To create important medicines to help eliminate many life threatening diseases such as Depression, Stroke, Seizures, Alzheimer’s, and Many Types of Cancer. Since Amphibians have such thin skin which helps them drink and breath can make them more vonerable to pollutants. Amphibians are a very impostant organism to their ecosystem. Amphibians are also very important pieces of human culture. So Why Would We Ruin The Lives of These amazing creatures that help us so much!!! To Learn More about amphibians and see what you can do to help please please please! Go to 

(All of This Information about amphibians come from So They get all of the credit for that information)

-Pinkey2we :mrgreen:


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