Movie Review For Journey To The Center Of The Earth! The Remake!

4 Aug

This Movie Is About A Guy and his nephew meeting for the first time in awhile, the nephew finds his fathers(Who is Dead) Old Things. He Finds Many Cool Things, But He Also Finds a Book Called Journey to the center of the earth. Then When The Guy Goes to work the next day(Scientist) he only has a few places to find the jorney to the center of the earth and his nephew relized another place, Iceland, so him and his nephew go to iceland and they meet a Mountain guide to find a bleepy thing. Once they get to the top of the mountain a huge thunderstorm starts and they run into a cave for protection and the cave closes up. Then They relize that they have to find a way out. So They go the other way and find a really big hole that they have to hike down. They are hoping to find a way to get out. Will They Get To The Center of The Earth? Will they find a way out? Find out in The Movie Journey To The Center of The Earth In 3-D!

-Pinkey2we :mrgreen:


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