Drkshadow17 & Pinkey2we Fight Over………..

22 Jul

Drkshadow17- I think National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets  is the best MOVIE in the world!!!

Pinkey2we: Yea Right! The Chronicles of Narnia Movies Rock, They are the Best!!!!!!

Drkshadow17- Maybe if your 5 yeas old they rock!! National Treasure 2 rocks!!!

Pinkey2we: Well Maybe Some People Dont Like Adventures! Personally I Think They are Boring!

Drkshadow17- How DARE you say that!!!! Next your probably going to say that violence movies arent great either!!!

Pinkey2we: Well Maybe Some People Dont Like Violence!!!!!!! Plus It so Amazing they are going to search for something, oh Big Whoop!

Drkshadow17- Chronicles of Narnia Movies arent so great. The peoples look wierd and the fake ears on some of the peoples peel off!! You can tell there fake!

Pinkey2we: Well Thats What You call Science Fiction and plus I Like the Fake ears it looks cool, and can you imagine how long it took for them to make the costumes! I Would Give them a lot of Credit if iI were you!

Drkshadow17- Well! Do you seen how many stunts there are in National Treasure 2!!! Let me give you a hint- A LOT!!!

Pinkey2we: Ok, ok I give them lots of credit, Well I Guess There Can Be More Than One Good Movie, and also everyone has there own opinion, so what do you say, Truce?

Drkshadow17: Truce!

Thats The End of Fight #1!

Pinkey2we :mrgreen: & DrKsHaDoW17 😀

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