The Fortune teller

5 Apr

Background info: A 5-year-old kid is at the carnival at he can’t find his mother(or maybe his mother can’t find him.) And a ‘fortune teller’ asks him if he would like to know his fortune. And the kid of course says yes.


Fortune teller: “Come here to be told your fortune!”

Kid: “OK!”

Fortune teller: “May i please have 50 cents?”

Kid: “Here you go!” (hands a dollar bill)

Fortune teller: “OK! Lets get started!” (this kid knows nothing! thinks the fortune teller)

Kid: “What’s  my future?”

Fortune teller: “I have to look into my future ball!”

Kid: (stares at ball) “OOOOO, pretty”

Fortune teller: “Yeah, it sure is. Now for your future…………………..”

Kid: “Tell me! Tell Me!”

Fotune teller: “Ok, in the future you will say what”

Kid: “What??”

Fortune teller: “See! I’m right!”

Kid: “you’re the best fortune teller in the world!!!”

Fortune teller: “I know”

Kid: “I want to be just like you when i gorw up!!”

Fortune teller: “That’s great kid.”

Kid: “Your my idol!!”

Fortune teller: “Great. Now go enjoy life.”

Kid: “OK!”



One Response to “The Fortune teller”

  1. StarandWiifan May 21, 2009 at 11:23 PM #

    ~WIIFAN7 10~
    whuz the kid’s fortune?

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