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4 October, 2018 07:31

4 Oct


Vincent Mattei


8 Apr


So I havnt posted in a while. yer yerr I know im not gonna make up some lame excuse of why I havnt so lets just say I havnt been really in the mood to post. But today I am, mostly because I don’t have a life on a Friday night that id rather post on my website from like seventh grade like yerr im cool. So what todays post is gonna be about is stupid stereotypes. First im gonna list a few commonly known stereotypes that most people judge for someone based on how they dress.

Hipsters: Smoke, dress very “gay”, wear a lot of colors, dirty, long beards, mean people.
This is a stereotype that is mostly not true. I actually am considered to be a semi-hipster. I don’t smoke, im not dirty, I don’t have a long beard, and im believed to be very nice. Everyone always calls me “gay” like really. This is what pisses me off. If I said im not, why should the way i dress determine what I am. Oh, so since I wear skinny jeans, lots of colors, and i like to be fashionable. These do not make me “gay”, it makes me a hipster.

Goth/Emo: Wear only black, scary mean people, hate everyone, cut themselves, shy people.
This also doesn’t determine if people are emo or goth. Yeah, they may wear a lot of black but pay more attention, they wear a lot of colors. I also know a lot of really nice goth people who do not hate everyone. Also they don’t cut themselves, just because they’re emo doesn’t necessarily mean they cut themselves. A lot of goths and emo kids are also very outgoing.

Jocks: Extremely mean, think they’re better than everyone, perverts, think that they are the best.
Jocks are not all mean, many of them are actually the nicest people ever. I also know a lot of jocks who arnt perverts, even though some are, that doesn’t make all of them perverts. Many jocks also have confidence problems.

Preps: Dont pay attention to some people, snotty, popular, think they’re better.
I actually have a lot of prep friends. Most preps are actually not snotty, and I know some that actually arnt that popular.

Popular: Hate EVERYONE who doesn’t follow them.
Well I am gonna be a little bias on this one because I really don’t care for popular people because most of them arnt really nice and I have no respect for you if you’re not nice. But I have very few popular friends and they’re all pretty nice to me.

The whole point of this post? Well because I’m bored and I want to bring across the point to not judge and to accept someone for who they are, because as long as they’re nice to you, why does it matter what they’re like?



;;i want you to take over control;;

23 Dec

So like I really miss talking to you guys daily and posting daily but I thought I’d post right now because I have nothing to do. So to fill you in, I’m good friends with the kid that I didn’t really like and I talk to them every once in awhile. Now I’m on varsity swimming now it’s really tough but I’m the 3rd fastest on the team(: so yeah I dont really know what else to talk about besides how it’s almost Christmas(: I’m getting the new iPod touch and a whole bunch of stuff(: I’ll talk to you guys soon.

Oh hai there(;

7 Nov

So I thought that I’d drop by quickly to leave a post for you guys to read(: I don’t know really what I’m going to write about so it’s probably gonna be like a rant of some sort. I found out that I’m getting the new iPod touch for Christmas so I’m excited because then I can make audio posts on my iPod as well as take pictures to post for you guys. I’m actually quite excited. Also for my birthday I’m going with my good friend to my obsessions concert(: if you don’t know who my obsession is I will tell you, it’s gaga, my mother monster who I love so much(: I can’t wait for Christmas or that concert(: 168DAYS! By then I’ll have my new iPod and I van take pictures for you guys. I also want a professional camera but that won’t happen because everything I’m already getting is expensive plus I can just use the one that my parents have. If you don’t know yet I love taking pictures and like yeah I don’t know I like taking pictures of myself as well as a lot of other things I guess it’s just the way some pictures look that attracts me to taking pictures maybe in my future I’ll be a photographer(: by the way did you guys hear will smiths daughters song? It’s whip my hair so you’ve probably heard it somewhere. But it’s such a pointless song but the video and the idea behind the song is really clever because it’s catchy and it’s not about what any other song is about so it basically attracts to many people for that reason. I can’t tell if this is getting long or not because my screen is actually quite small but I think it is so imma leave it off on one statement. YEAH MAN!


29 Oct

So I thought since its still the beginning of the school year and for some of us its the beginning of high school, like me. Stress is a huge factor in any type of school but high school is the worst when it comes to stress. Stress can basically destroy your experiences throughout school. I have test after test after quiz after test after tons of homework and essays and projects, but what I try to remember is that its nothing to get stressed over because everything will get done, but even though I may not do it, it is less stressful to begin something a few days before the day before. Like studying for a test or doing a project. The worst thing to do stress wise is to do it last minute because that is basically just going to put you beyond stress. Stress is basically everywhere in different forms whatever you are doing so you will have to deal with it one time or another. Another big problem im dealing with is rumors. Rumors are the worst. But, basically I must be fun to create rumors about, because basically daily I have rumors started about me. So at this point I can really care less about what people think of me. Yes, I am jealous of a few people, and I am extremely jealous of this one kid and I don’t understand why, but I am. Everyone has an opinion no matter how mean it is. Basically, bullies suck. But, you cant let them get to you. To me theyre basically just immature idiots who have nothing better to do than to come up with things to make fun of you. So just ignore them, because once you ignore them, they stop. So just dont make a big deal out of everything, because with time everything will get better. I used to always want to blend in and fit in, but ive decided that I wanted to stand out in high school and be remembered. This Katy Perry video for one of my favorite songs by her, Firework, is basically showing this.

Halloween is Sunday! Im either being Justin Bieber or Michael Cera, because my friends are all being celebrities. What are you going to be? Answer in a comment! 😀